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Cory Martel, CFP®

Investment Representative
Freedom 55 Financial

What my clients can expect

  1. My relationship with my clients starts with the development of a comprehensive financial security plan to help them achieve their long-term financial goals. As part of this plan, we examine the investment, liquidity, insurance and estate planning aspects of their situation.

  2. I strive to serve as my clients’ chief financial security advisor. As part of this role, I coordinate the activities of existing professional advisors such as tax accountants and estate lawyers. If required, I also consult my own network of professional advisors.

  3. My investment philosophy is essentially conservative in nature. Based on their risk profile, I structure each client’s investment portfolio to aim at long-term growth.

  4. Tax planning and minimization are key components of most clients’ financial security plans. As part of each client’s overall plan, I recommend the evaluation of strategies such as income splitting and family trusts.

  5. Every six months, my clients receive a summary of their investment performance. The information is presented as clearly as possible. In addition, I review the format of the report with my new clients to minimize confusion or misunderstanding about how to read the results.

  6. I review each client’s overall plan annually to ensure they remain on track to achieve desired goals.

  7. I make myself as accessible to clients as possible. All telephone calls are returned the same business day, either personally or by my assistant.

  8. I believe that my best client is the one who is fully informed. As such, I make a strong commitment to client communication through my regular newsletter, as well as by e-mail and mailed product information.